Rogue debit orders wipe out teen’s savings

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A 14-year-old girl’s savings account was wiped out by Platinum Credit Card Corporation (PC3). PC3 is a rogue entity with an established history of debiting bank accounts without the owners’ authorisation.

Business received an e-mail from Reuben Moss in Bloemfontein whose daughter, Nicole, had R2 000 in a savings account with Standard Bank. Because it was a savings account it was not checked as frequently as one used for transactions. Moss only noticed the debits once the account balance had been reduced to zero.

Says Moss: “After about two months of fighting with the bank I got most of the money back but still lost about R200.”

Standard Bank responds. “It appears that the (R200) shortfall was due to the service fees not being reversed for all the transactions involved. We have since corrected this and the refund has already been made in full.” The correction above was only made after Business brought the matter to Standard Bank’s attention.

Moss’s daughter ended up closing her account and re-opening a new one, for fear that the debit orders would persist.

Reuben Moss asks how PC3 obtained his daughter’s bank account number.

Business’s attempts to get comment from PC3 operations manager Johrika Burger have been unsuccessful.

Burger has also failed to address allegations made in Moneyweb’s previous article on PC3.

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