SAA and Air China strengthening bilateral co- operation

An SAA Airbus A340. Picture: Neil McCartney

An SAA Airbus A340. Picture: Neil McCartney

SA Airways is strengthening bilateral co-operation with Air China, SAA said on Friday.

“Air China and South African Airways (SAA) announce the further strengthening of their bilateral co-operation within the Star Alliance as part of the strengthened co-operation between the two countries,” SAA said in a statement.

“The key element in this strengthened relationship will be some network reconfiguration for both airlines to provide better passenger and cargo services between South Africa and China and countries adjacent to both.”

At a meeting at Air China headquarters, Air China president Song Zhiyong and acting SAA CEO Nico Bezuidenhout agreed on the immediate establishment of a joint working group between the two airlines to immediately commence implementation.





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