Court gives Bobroffs short thrift

The pair had been charged with stock theft.
Photo: Supplied

The pair had been charged with stock theft. Photo: Supplied

Judge Billy Mothle of the North Gauteng High Court has ordered the Law Society of the Northern Provinces (LSNP) to resume its disciplinary hearing into road-accident lawyers Ronald and Darren Bobroff of Ronald Bobroff and Partners (RBP).

This was the main judgment in the much-publicised case in which road accident victim Matthew Graham, and his wife Jennifer, took the Bobroffs to court as they felt that the Law Society was not paying adequate attention to their complaint.

The complaint relates to the fee agreements and that the Bobroffs had overcharged the Grahams, and not accounted to them properly for compensation received by RBP on the Grahams’s behalf from the Road Accident Fund (RAF).

Ronald Bobroff is a former President of the Law Society, and was until last month an influential member of its controlling Council.

Discovery Health funded a forensic audit of certain of RBP’s accounts relating to Matthew Graham. The report found a number of irregularities relating to the amounts paid to Graham and the fees RBP charged and recommended a more thorough probe.

Suspension from the LSNP

The LSNP Council called a special meeting last month to vote on Ronald Bobroff’s continued presence on the Council. Moments before the vote was due to take place, Bobroff consented to being suspended, thus avoiding the humiliation.

Judge Mothle oils the wheels of justice

Judge Mothle also ordered:

  • RBP must allow an independent IT expert to access their computer network within thirty days to investigate the disputed file notes;
  • RBP must furnish the originals of the disputed documents of the costs consultant to determine their veracity;
  • The long-awaited inspection of the books of account, including the trust account, of RBP and reporting thereon within thirty days;
  • Providing for the Disciplinary Inquiry Committee, if it so decides, to require the Bobroffs to answer to the twenty disciplinary charges under oath, supported by confirmatory affidavits, prior to the commencement of the disciplinary inquiry; and
  • The resumption of the inquiry within sixty days.

Here is the timetable set by Judge Mothle:

30 April: The Bobroffs have to hand over their documents and computer records.

15 May: The LSNP inspection must be completed and their findings delivered to the Grahams and the RAF

15 June: The LSNP Disciplinary Committee must have resumed their inquiry.

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