Ramotshere refutes service delivery collapse claim

Ramotshere Moiloa local municipality mayor Kereng Mothoagae. Picture: Supplied.

The DA alleged that services had collapsed to an extent that telephones were cut due to non-payment.

There is no collapse of services in the Ramotshere Moiloa local municipality in the North West, the municipality said on Thursday.

“There is no collapse of services. It is so sad that officials allow themselves to be used to fight political squabbles,” said mayor Kereng Mothoagae.

This was after the  Democratic Alliance alleged that services had collapsed to an extent that telephones were cut due to non-payment and called on North West Local Government and Human Settlements MEC  Fenny Goalaolwe, to urgently intervene in the municipality and to appoint an acting municipal manager to address the governance crisis.

DA councillor in the municipality, Imaan Suliman said refuse continues to pile up on street corners  due to non-removal and raw sewage run down the street due to block pipes.

“Amidst all this chaos, municipal staff in Ramotshere have embarked on an unprotected strike. The DA has already asked the Local Labour Forum committee to get involved as negotiators with the unions to stop the strike,” Suliman said.

However, Mothoagae acknowledged that there were some challenges that delayed the delivery of services and said measures were in place to curb such challenges.

“The officials embarked on a unprotected strike and the management has been working together with the unions to resolve the issue of protective clothing. The procurement of protective clothing is underway and the workers have been kept informed about the developments.”

She said telephone lines were working and only those workers who have exceeded their monthly call limit cannot make calls.

“Each and every institution has internal processes to follow and we request that the officials should refrain from being used and should not allow criminal elements to influence their judgement.”

She said an acting municipal manager had been appointed for a period of three months.

“As per the resolution of the council held on 07 July 2017, we requested intervention from Human Settlements and Local Government MEC Fenny Gaolaolwe to assist on the matter and during a special Council held on 13th July 2017, the council adopted the secondment of Matlakala Matthews to act as municipal manager for a period of three months”.

She said Matthews was appointed with full delegated powers meaning.

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