Cape Commerce welcomes budget

Pravin Gordhan.

Pravin Gordhan.

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s budget, delivered on Wednesday.

“Minister Gordhan has acknowledged that government must support business to grow exports and that he is working on streamlining the regulatory environment to achieve this growth,” spokeswoman Monique Johnstone said.

The business organisation was heartened that Treasury had placed a high priority on Africa as a trading region.

“We are encouraged by his efforts to support entrepreneurs and his acknowledgement of the importance of small business,” she said.

Johnstone welcomed the crackdown on government departments leasing buildings and procurement.

The business organisation said government was being optimistic about creating six million jobs in the next three years.

“More particularly, we would like to know if these will be focused on wealth-creating jobs in the private sector, or simply more wealth consuming jobs in the public sector,” Johnstone said.

She expressed concern over references made to transformation and black economic empowerment reforms.

“This gives business reason for concern as to what will happen post May 7, not a good environment for business to take the steps needed to expand and build a growth economy.





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