That Friday Feeling: Answers will vary

Illustration: Nathi Ngubane

Illustration: Nathi Ngubane

The final story in the Friday Feeling series is all about how cheating on a test only works if you aren’t too obvious about it.

One day in high school in my home town Tzaneen, the teacher had stapled answer sheets to the back of every test by mistake. A few minutes after passing the tests around, his phone rang and he stepped out. Everyone noticed the answer sheets, and we decided we would all use the answers and tear them off afterwards. Hopefully, we thought, he would never notice.

I checked each of the answers and they were all helpful except for the last one. We were to draw a flow chart for a process. I checked the answer sheet, which said “answers will vary.”

I drew my flow chart, tore off the answer sheet and walked to the front podium to turn in the test. When I got to the podium, though, I had to know what the other kids had done. Instead of drawing their own flow charts, almost all of them wrote “answers will vary”.

We were all soon back in that class to write yet another test.

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