That Friday Feeling: ‘Brooching’ a difficult subject

This week’s winning reader story tells the awkward tale of a friend who asked a question she wasn’t at all ready to hear the answer to.

“What do you think of brooches?” a friend asked me on campus one day as we chatted idly during a break between lectures, munching sandwiches and waiting for the the next class to begin.

The question seemed benign enough.

“I don’t like them at all,” was my immediate response. I then proceeded to judge all brooches as “old-lady like” and wonder at their use at all.

“But what about a neat little brooch to wear on your jacket’s lapel?” my friend pressed, seeming overly defensive towards the little things.

Who even wears jackets with lapels, I wondered out loud. Granted, we were both aiming to become corporate lawyers, but I still couldn’t picture myself in anything but my beanie-wearing campus style.

Many years later, I have to admit that I’ve not only worn jackets with lapels, but some even had brooches on them. I actually love the few brooches I now own. Admittedly, sometimes that particular brooch has been in the conspicuous shape of Mini Mouse, but the fact that it was made out of Swarovski crystals made it stylish and cool to wear, even to work.

When I walked out of our lecture around an hour later, that little brooch conversation was completely forgotten.

That is, until I arrived the next day, on my birthday, to be presented by my loyal friend with my gift.

She sheepishly handed me a beautiful pearl brooch in a box.

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