That Friday Feeling: Robbed in instalments

Illustrator: Nathi Ngubane

Illustrator: Nathi Ngubane

This week’s winning reader story tells the unhappy tale of not just serial criminals but a serial victim too.

One day I was walking down the street on Mandela Drive in Pretoria, heading to work early on a Saturday at around 7.30am. I saw a car parking in front of me full of drunk males who were way older than me. The next thing, they were out of the car and pointing a gun at me, ordering me to give them my bag, wallet and cellphone. I gave it all to them and they got back into their car and left.

With no no money on me now to catch the taxi I’d been meaning to catch and no cellphone to call someone to help me and not even an ID to go to the bank and withdraw money, I had no other option but to continue walking to work in the same direction I’d been heading in.

At least, I thought, once I was at work I could ask some of my colleagues to help me. I managed to walk about a block or two further, when the same car was back. I saw it coming and tried to hide from it, but I was too late. They  jumped out once more, drunkenly pointing their gun like before.

This time they robbed me of my sneakers and jacket and got into their car and left.

You should have seen my poor confused face…

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