That Friday Feeling: Raising alarm

Illustration: Nathi Ngubane

Illustration: Nathi Ngubane

This week’s winning story is about how you shouldn’t be too slow in the morning and too fast on the phone.

I’m truly not a morning person. I used to set the alarm for six o’clock but usually only got out of bed – or shall I say fall out of bed – at around 20 past six, which made me late almost every morning.

On one particular morning, it was just one of those days. I got up, rushed through my morning ritual of brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, letting the dogs out and on and on went the list. I was a bit late (as usual) when I stepped into my daughter’s new puppy’s poo. That was when all hell broke loose and my wife and I had the mother of all quarrels.

I left home in a very bad mood. During the day, my conscience got the better of me and I decided to give her a call and apologise. The phone rang, and when it was answered before she could say anything I started: “Honey, I’m so sorry about this morning. I know I’m a lame husband, not treating you as the princess you are.”

I made a lot of promises and spilled my heart out over the phone, when finally I heard a “Hi there, Pieter” in a deep voice. The gentleman on the other side informed me that, although we had not yet met, he was my wife’s boss and she was on her tea break at the moment.

He told me he’d pass on my message and, with a laugh, that was the end of the call.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be happy or embarrassed, but one thing is sure, I’ve never overslept again. I set the clock for half past five now!

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