A whole Lotto embarrassment

A whole Lotto embarrassment

Illustration: Nathi Ngubane

This week’s story is about how easy it is to go from picking the right numbers to just being a bit of a numbskull.

I’m not much of a gambler, but when it comes to the big Lotto jackpots, I’m always tempted to play. I hardly ever play quick pick numbers though; I prefer to play my own. That way, when the Lotto numbers are announced, I always immediately know if I have won or not (and, of course, unfortunately, the latter tends to happen slightly more often than the former).

For one particular draw, though, because I was pressed for time and thought it might be worth a change, I decided to play quick pick. I was so used to playing my own numbers, though, that when the Lotto draw came in I clean forgot I had played quick pick and not my own numbers.

None of my old numbers came in and I promptly forgot about it … The next day, though, I remembered I had played quick pick and hadn’t checked those numbers. So when I got home, I immediately fetched my ticket and went to match it with the numbers in the newspaper.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were the winning numbers!

I immediately became enormously arrogant and started telling every person I came across from that point exactly what I thought of them. Winning a ton of money brought out the worst in me and I just let rip at everyone who came my way with what I’d always been meaning to tell them.

I was saving my biggest insults for my boss.

But then, when I went to the post office to claim my ticket, much to my surprise, I hadn’t won anything at all … Turns out I had been looking at an old newspaper’s results…

Needless to say, I was hiding underneath that very same newspaper for the next few weeks whenever I saw any of those people I’d been so rude to during my “millionaire moment”.

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