That Friday Feeling: Weddings are sweet

This week’s winning story is about when confetti becomes dangerous.

A few years ago I attended a wedding along with my friend, Nkule. So after the couple said their “I dos” they walked down the aisle.

A group of people in the audience wearing some kind of uniform started throwing sweets at the couple, although everyone else was throwing normal confetti … they were all sorts of different kinds of sweets. When we asked what was going on, we were told that they were the groom’s work colleagues.

They worked together, it turned out, at a sweet-making company and they decided to throw a tasty selection of their products instead of rose reptals as part of celebrating the big day with their friend.

People were excited about this and ululating. They joined the group by picking up the sweets on the floor and throwing them back to the newlyweds. A few people didn’t throw the sweets, but started to unwrap and eat them.

I then noticed that my friend was looking quite alarmed. She was suppose to be enjoying all the fun proceedings, so I asked her if anything was wrong. She said that in six months’ time she would be marrying her fiancé, and then she burst into tears.

“Oh, congratulations, but why are you crying?” I asked.

She said: “You don’t understand, my fiancé works at a brick-making company!”

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