Talking Point: E-tolls update

Ever since Joburg was introduced to the limelight of e-tolls in December 2013, public opinion has almost entirely been hell-bent against the system.

Some have called it another “blatant motorist tax” while the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance’s head, Wayne Duvenage, has gone as far as to say the system will cause a “civillian tax revolt”.

What workers and motorists who use Joburg’s roads are likely all happy with, though, is Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s expected “new dispensation” regarding the controversial freeway systen.

While Duvenage concedes that scrapping the system “will not happen”, he and trade union giants Cosatu are expecting cost cuts for motorists who incur the toll.

Our talking point then, have e-tolls had a strong financial impact on your lives? Are you encouraged by the expected price drop? What are your overall thoughts on the system?

Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa announced the following changes to the e-tolls system:

Announced Changes in brief:

  • A single reduced tarrif will be applied to all motorists from 58c per km to 30c per km.
  • The monthly cap has been reduced. LMV’s will not pay more than R225, half the current cap of R450pm.
  • Revised caps will also be introduced to other categories of vehicles (heavier vehicles, trucks etc) at a later stage.
  • There will be no change for infrequent users who make less than 30 gantry passes a year. If a user exceeds 30 passes in a year, they will be liable for charges.
  • E-toll fees that are currently outstanding will be discounted by 60%. Users have 6months to pay their debt, at 40% of the rate.
  • There will be a monthly cap for accounts that are in arears (R225). If you do not pay tolls within 30 days, you wil have to pay double (R450).
  • Settlement of e-toll fees will be linked to the motorvehicle license renewal.
  • Motorists will need to settle any outstanding fees before license disks can be renewed.
  • More payment options are being introduced, including a simpler payment system. This includes, licensing offices, SANRAL and post offices, as well as certain vehicle dealerships, retailers and online options.


Changes in depth:

The Presidency has announced a new dispensation for Gauteng e-tolls users. Briefing the media in Parliament yesterday (WED) Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said the “far-rechaing changes” to the current e-toll system were”fair, affordable and sustainable”.

While public transport remained exempt, changes to the norm included; a single reduced tariff for all motorists; a decrease of 30c per kilometrefrom 58c per km.
There would be no charge for infrequent users who passed through less than 30 gantries in a year. The monthly cap was “dramatically” reduced whereby motorists who had been charged R450 per month would now only pay no more than R225.

Another concession for errant users was that e-toll fees outstanding would be discounted by 60 percent. “The significant reduction on tariffs and the new monthly caps will result in an annual estimated shortfall of R390 million in revenue to service the debt. This shortfall will be shared between national government and the Gauteng government,” said Ramaphosa.

Facebook responses:

  • I will not pay till there is a formal apology for trying to railroad e-tolls in the first place and all potholes are repaired. (Marc Stiglingh)
  • I’m still hell-bent not to pay e-tolls. Go away whosoever wants to rob me! (Johan Voigt)



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