WATCH: Drama in SuperSport studio as Ashwin Willemse walks out live on air!

Ashwin Willemse. Photo: Gallo Images.

Ashwin Willemse. Photo: Gallo Images.

The former Springbok winger accuses his fellow pundits – Naas Botha and Nick Mallett – of patronising and undermining him.

In a surreal end to the rugby weekend, things got distinctly awkward after former Springbok winger and SuperSport pundit Ashwin Willemse walked out of the studio live on air.

Employed as the video analyst for the Super Rugby match between the Lions and Brumbies, Willemse didn’t even bother to present his video clips to viewers at the conclusion of the game.

Instead, he was clearly ticked off by comments made by the two other members of the panel, Nick Mallett and Naas Botha, and accused both men of undermining him in studio.

“It’s important for me because I’ve played this game for a long time, like all of us here,” said Willemse.

“As a player, I was labelled a quota player for a long time. I’ve worked hard to earn my respect in this game. I’m not going to be patronised by two individuals who played in the Apartheid era, in the era of segregation. I won’t be undermined.”

He then proceeded to put down his notes while continuing: “I’m not going to work with people who undermine other people. You can sit and laugh about it. It’s fine, I don’t mind being ridiculous. I’m happy people can see this.”

While there was no concrete indication of what truly had set Willemse off, there was distinct tension between him and Botha moments earlier.

Asked to give his thoughts on the two Brumbies cards and the effect it had on the outcome of the match, Willemse immediately “sacrificed” his platform.

“Naas … I think. What did you think of the game? Did you think it was a good game,” he said.

Botha replied, laughing: “I’ve used all the time before the game. It’s your time now.”

The rest of the panel laughs but Willemse clearly remains irritated.

“Please, I think don’t let us patronise each other here. Please, let’s have your view.”

Botha is dumbstruck by it all, leading Mallett to give his views.

This seemed to prompt Willemse to finally lose his patience and just give up on it all.

Naturally, Twitter was abuzz with polarised views.






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