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30 Sep 2014
8:17 am

No proof of match-fixing – Saru

There was no proof of match-fixing in games involving Boland rugby clubs, a Saru investigation determined on Monday.


A total of 13 potential witnesses including referees, referee committee members and Boland staff were questioned in the production of a 114-page report that was presented to SA Rugby Union (Saru) CEO Jurie Roux.

“Saru set up an inquiry following the laying of a complaint by a Boland referee, Josef Baadjies,” Saru said in a statement.

“He alleged that Mr Ivan Pekeur, the former Boland referee manager (and current Boland Rugby Union president), had attempted to influence referees to fix the outcome of five matches in the Boland club leagues.”

There was no suggestion the attempt was being made for financial gain, according to Saru.

Saru appointed attorney Kevin Kiewitz to investigate the claims to determine whether any person had transgressed the Saru code or the IRB code of conduct.

“It is evident from my evaluation of the evidence in respect of the identified matches collected from referees and individuals that there is no real substantiation for the allegations,” said Kiewitz.

“It is therefore my finding that in respect of the matches identified match-fixing cannot be proved.”

Roux, meanwhile, said Saru had not taken the allegations lightly.

“Allegations of match-fixing are extremely serious and we have conducted a very thorough investigation in this case, the first such claim I am aware of in South African rugby,” said Roux.

While Roux dismissed the claims, he said Saru would not be indifferent to the threat of match-fixing.

“If anyone has proof of attempts to fix the results of matches they should contact their local provincial rugby union immediately.”