Lali Stander
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12 Feb 2015
12:00 am

Golf the champion at International Triangular

Lali Stander

JOHANNESBURG (12 February 2015) – Golf was the ultimate winner in the annual International Triangular between the South African Golf Association’s Junior Team, the South African Golf Development Board (SAGDB) and a team from the Scottish Golf Union at Wanderers Golf Club on Wednesday.

PHOTO: The South African Golf Association’s Junior Team claimed South Africa’s third successive victory in the 2015 International Triangular against the SAGDB and Scotland at The Wanderers Golf Club; credit SAGA.(From left to right – Eden Thompson (manager), Luca Filippi, JP Cooper, Herman Loubser, Marco Steyn, Kyle McClatchie, Rosswell Sinclair, Dylan Naidoo and Cameron Moralee.

The SAGA Juniors amassed 15.5 points to claim the country’s third successive victory in the contest, while Scotland finished a close second with 13.5 points and the SAGDB celebrated their best performance since the Triangular first launched in 2010 with seven points.

“All three teams enjoyed the tight contests, the close misses and fantastic saves, but I believe the happiest man on the day was Ewen Ferguson’s caddie, who left the course sporting a brand new pair of shiny white trainers and socks,” said SAGA Golf Integration Manager, Eden Thompson.

One of the caddie’s shoes had come apart between the upper and the sole and he had tied the two pieces together with a shoe lace. The Scotsman noticed and, after the morning Foursomes, took the caddie to the pro shop and treated him to new footwear.

“We are very proud of the SAGA Junior Team who achieved the first hat-trick in this competition, however it was this small act of kindness from Ewen and the camaraderie and sportsmanship shown by the 24 players that truly celebrated the unique values of the game of golf,” Thompson said.

Top SA juniors Ross Sinclair, Luca Filippi, JP Cooper, Cameron Moralee, Marco Steyn, Dylan Naidoo, Kyle McClatchie and Herman Loubser were tasked to hunt down South Africa’s third consecutive title in this year’s event.

The SA Juniors quickly stamped their authority with a clean sweep against the SAGDB and a 3 – 1 result against the Scots in the Foursomes. The Scottish side, consisting of players of the Scottish Golf Union’s Mens and Junior National squads, started the Singles with 3.5 points after a 2.5 – 1.5 result against the SAGDB.

The SA Juniors had to work hard for the victory in the Singles, though.

The Scots turned up the heat and the SA juniors had to grind out a narrow 6.5 – 5.5 win, while the SAGDB players were equally ferocious and managed to score three valuable points with two halves and two wins against the SA Juniors.

The SAGDB team also surprised Scotland and fought valiantly to finish with a 2.5 – 5.5 result.

KwaZulu-Natal’s Siyanda Mwandla holed a 15-footer at the 18th to halve his games against Ben Kinsley from Scotland and Rosswell Sinclair from Gauteng North and clinch the SAGDB’s seventh point and the Ernie Els & Fancourt Foundation player walked off the green under loud applause.

“We may have finished at the bottom, but we look beyond the final scores,” said team manager Andre Rossouw.

“The players gave everything they’ve got and they never gave up. We were well-beaten in the Foursomes, but the players put their hearts on the line in the Singles and the games were all very tight.

“We lost our first Triangular by more than 20 points to the SA juniors, but this year we finished just eight and a half points behind the winners. This has been our best result in six years and that alone is cause for celebration.I am extremely proud of how this team performed.”



Marco Steyn & Dylan Naidoo beat Fezekile Kana & Andile Adam 4/3

Kyle McClatchie & Luca Filippi beat Hayden Garcia & Evance Vukeya 2/1

Cameron Moralee & Ross Sinclair beat Siyanda Mwandla & Kwanela Mkhoma 1up

JP Cooper & Herman Loubser beat Neswill Croy & Franklin Manchest 2/1


Luca Filippi beat Andile Adam 4/3

JP Cooper halved Kwanela Mkhoma A/S

Cameron Moralee lost to Franklin Manchest 2 up

Marco Steyn beat Fezekile Kana 3/2

Dylan Naidoo beat Evance Vukeya 1 up

Kyle McClatchie beat Hayden Garcia 5/4

Herman Loubser lost to Neswill Croy 3/2



Marco Steyn & Dylan Naidoo beat Ewen Ferguson & Craig Ross 4/3

Kyle McClatchie & Luca Filippi beat Greig Marchbank & Scott Gibson 3/2

Cameron Moralee & Ross Sinclair lost to Ben Kinsley & Connor Syme 2/1

JP Cooper & Herman Loubser beat Jamie Savage & Danny Young 2/1


Ross Sinclair beat Ben Kinsley 1 up

Luca Filippi beat Greig Marchbank 1 up

JP Cooper lost to Danny Young 3/2

Cameron Moralee lost to Jamie Savage 3/2

Marco Steyn halved Ewen Ferguson A/S

Dylan Naidoo lost to Craig Ross 1 up

Kyle McClatchie beat Scott Gibson 5/4

Herman Loubser lost to Connor Syme 4/3



Ewen Ferguson & Craig Ross lost to Fezekile Kana & Andile Adam


Greig Marchbank & Scott Gibson halved Hayden Garcia & Evance Vukeya A/S

Ben Kinsley & Connor Syme beat Siyanda Mwandla & Kwanela Mkhoma 5/4

Jamie Savage & Danny Young beat Neswill Croy & Franklin Manchest 1 up


Ben Kinsley halved Siyanda Mwandla A/S

Greig Marchbank beat Andile Adam 4/3

Danny Young beat Kwanela Mkhoma 3/2

Jamie Savage halved Franklin Manchest A/S

Ewen Ferguson beat Fezekile Kana 4/2

Craig Ross halved Evance Vukeya A/S

Scott Gibson lost to Hayden Garcia 1 up

Connor Syme beat Neswill Croy 3/2