Nonkonyana intends to stop Safa elections

Former Safa vice-president, Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana
Photo by Lee Warren / Gallo Images

Former Safa vice-president, Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana Photo by Lee Warren / Gallo Images

Former South African Football Association vice-president Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana on Wednesday announced his intention to stop this year’s Safa elections, set for March 24, from taking place

Nonkonyana has declared his candidacy for the Safa presidency, but the Football Transformation Forum, an organisation backing current Safa president Danny Jordaan’s nomination, have said that Nonkonyana is not eligible, as he is no longer a member of Safa, and owes the association money.

Nonkonyana was sacked as Safa vice-president in October 2014, a decision that he has tried to fight in the courts, thus far without success.

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Safa have since said that there are two nominations for president – Jordaan, and former referee Ace Ncobo. Safa added that Jordaan has received 52 nominations from the regions, while Ncobo has received one.

Nonkonyana, however, issued a strongly-worded statement yesterday where he questioned whether Jordaan has actually received 52 nominations.

“When Chief Nonkonyana accepted an invitation from the members of Safa to stand for nomination the leadership of Safa embarked on a dirty campaign to intimidate and issue propaganda that he is not eligible. In order to be able to continue with their false propaganda they filed an application to postpone the finalisation of the court case that had been instituted by the former Vice President,” read the statement.

“We wish to state that members nominated Chief Nonkonyana and when they submitted the nomination forms with auditors KPMG, they found members of the Safa National Executive and decided not to submit the nomination forms.

“We contest the false propaganda that Dr Danny Jordaan was nominated by all 52 regions of Safa, more so with some of the regions still to have elections, and at an appropriate time we will produce evidence supporting this.

“Nonkonyana has instructed his lawyers to institute an urgent application to interdict the holding of the elections until the pending case against Safa is finalised. We are also awaiting full feedback from world soccer body, Fifa, having submitted our concerns to them in writing last week.”

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