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I know that sometimes we would much rather forget parts of parenthood, and we definitely do not want to preserve every moment in perfect detail, in fact, certain moments we wished had never happened. But we all know that there are many moments that will become precious memories no matter how messy and imperfect, and these are moments, the memories, we want to preserve forever.

After all “I wish I had taken FEWER pictures of my kids growing up,” said no parent EVER.

Here are three Canon cameras to capture every perfectish moment of your family and their shenanigans.


1. The Canon Zoemini C

(Retails at approximately R1 995.00)

This little cutie-pie is not just a pretty face. It is 2019’s answer to the Polaroid camera of the ’80s and ’90s just smaller, smarter and uber funky. The Zoemini C is a camera and printer all-in-one and it fits in your back pocket.

“From shameless selfies to beautiful besties, get quality prints from pocket to palm in seconds.”

With a front-mounted mirror for your selfies, to it’s lightweight convenience, four cool colours to printed pics in seconds, this camera is super fun.

But wait there’s more! The paper the camera prints to has a backing that can be removed and now you have photos that can stick wherever your heart desires.

There is one drawback to this camera and that is that you will probably struggle to keep it out of the grubby clutches of your tween, long enough to perfect your own selfie game but, hey now, that’s why there are two more cameras on this list.

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

2. The Canon PowerShot SX620

(Retails at approximately R2 495.00)

Next on the list is a super capable point and shoot, that will deliver stunning image quality without much skill required on the part of the photographer. But what makes this camera super cool, is that it can connect easily to your smart devices to shoot remotely and share your images with between friends and family and even to select social networking sites.

This compact camera packs a powerful zoom punch and has video recording capabilities, so you can capture the crazy in motion. 

“This cameral effortlessly captures the quality your memories deserve.”

But if you are looking for something a little more… fancy…the next camera on our list might be for you.

Canon PowerShot SX70

3. The Canon PowerShot SX70

(Retails at approximately R7 595.00)

This camera is top of the range in Canon’s bridge range of cameras, that offers DSLR looks as well as many of the DSLR features (for those of us not in the biz of cameras, DSLR are the fancy cameras where you can change the lens on the camera body depending on your need) but with none of the hassle and fuss of multiple lenses and exchanging lenses depending on photographic needs.

This camera allows you to get up close and personal with your subjects, get wide-angle shots to fit everything in, capture memories on the go and snap beautiful images of the people you love – images so good they look like a pro took them.

“Last-a-lifetime memories, preserved in perfect detail.”

Unlike a traditional DSLR that requires time and know-how to adjust settings to get the perfect shot, this camera does a lot of the work for you. It also has extensive connectivity allowing you to back up images immediately, share to smart devices and shoot remotely via mobile.

For those looking for a camera with the features to flex your creative muscle, and discover your photographic passion and talent, but without having to take a course this is the camera for you. Oh, and you’ll look pretty fancy using it.

Canon PowerShot SX70

So, that is three ways to perfectly capture every perfectish moment of parenthood. And if you enter the Parenty Photography Competition, sponsored by Canon SA, you could win one of these three cameras.

Click here to enter and read the rules.

(Compiled by Leigh Tayler)




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