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Obama doing all he can to tie Trump’s hands

FILE PICTURE: Rhoda Kadalie, anti-apartheid activist.

FILE PICTURE: Rhoda Kadalie, anti-apartheid activist.

He is suddenly pushing through regulations and decisions that will further box in his successor once in office so that he doesn’t succeed as a president.

Unlike former president George W Bush, who quietly left the world stage when Barack Obama won the election, President Obama is determined to make president-elect Donald Trump’s life hell in the last month before he leaves office.

Resurrected from his inertia, he is suddenly pushing through regulations and decisions that will further box in his successor once in office so that he doesn’t succeed as a president.

One such under-the-radar executive action was to appoint two people, with dubious credentials, to the US Commission on Civil Rights, in effect tying Trump’s hands until 2020.

The second is the US’s abstention from the United Nations Security Council resolution that declares the presence of Israel in East Jerusalem and the West Bank illegal. This area includes the holy Western Wall.

America’s abstention is one of Obama’s most egregious sins of omission intended to have the deliberate effect of isolating Israel further, at a time when a genocide of epic proportions is escalating in the Middle East, with its concomitant refugee problem.

Obama refuses to accept that the electorate resoundingly rejected Hillary Clinton in the November election. The vote for Trump was as much a denunciation of his stultifying legacy, of loyalties to Wall Street, special interests, hedge funds and lobbyists, and even Hollywood.

Incapable of self-reflection, Obama seems oblivious to the fact that under his two terms of office, the Democrats had, according to Fox News, “a net loss of 1 042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency.”

Furthermore, “democratic US Senate seats fell from 55 to 46. Their share of the House plummeted from 256 seats to 194.

Republicans still control both chambers going into the next session. Democratic governorships also became a rarity during this eight-year period, slipping from 28 to 16.”

In summary, Obama’s legacy is a bequest of an entire executive, legislature and judicial establishment to the Republicans.

Despite this colossal failure, he looked past the mountains of evidence that Clinton was the worst candidate to succeed him, yet the “Dems” persevered with a self-righteousness that has come to haunt the party. Assuming a pre-determined election outcome in favour of Clinton, he was as shocked as she was when she lost.

He hadn’t even noticed that her campaigns simply lacked heart; that her dalliances with Hollywood and Wall Street stuck in the craw of the voters across the US, who she insultingly called deplorable and irredeemable, not to speak of her endless corruption sagas, captured eloquently in Clinton Cash, confirmed by WikiLeaks, was the final nail in her opulent coffin.

With the run-up to the presidential inauguration, we should not be surprised that Trump’s ascent to the seat of power will be accompanied by mass demonstrations, acts of civil disobedience and opposition to Trump’s nominations.

Obama refuses to go quietly, hence his determination to remain in Washington, once he vacates the presidency, in a rented nine-bed roomed house, from where he will create havoc for Trump with what he euphemistically calls his “shadow government”.

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