Power system stable, no load shedding on Tuesday

Power system stable, no load shedding on Tuesday

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Eskom said the stable electricity system enables the power utility to do plant maintenance with a low risk of load shedding on Tuesday.

“Eskom does not anticipate that there will be a need to load shed today as the power system is currently stable. However, the risk remains should we experience any extra load or faults in the system,” the power utility said.

“Eskom has met the country’s electricity demand while operating and maintaining its generation fleet in a sustainable manner for over three weeks.” On Monday, Eskom said one of the Koeberg nuclear power station’s units was expected to go offline for refuelling and maintenance work.

Unit 2, which contributes 930 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the national grid, will come back online in mid-December, the power utility said. “The scheduled shutdown of Koeberg Unit 2 is part of Eskom’s overall maintenance programme for its fleet of power stations. Every 14 to 18 months, each of the two units at Koeberg is shut down for refuelling, inspection and maintenance,” Eskom said at the time.

“During these routine planned outages, one third of the used nuclear fuel is replaced with new fuel. Statutory inspections and maintenance is performed, and modifications, that will ensure that international safety standards continue to be met or that improve the plant performance, are implemented.”

Unit 1, which also contributes 930 MW of power to the grid, was operating at full capacity.

“Medupi Unit 6, which became fully operational last week, together with other units from Eskom’s fleet of 27 power stations, will continue to be used to meet the country’s electricity needs,” the power utility added.

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