Eskom to implement Stage 1 load shedding from 5pm

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Eskom will implement Stage 1 loadshedding on Wednesday between 5pm and 10pm, the power utility said.

“The power system is currently constrained and under pressure because of a shortage of generating capacity as some of our power stations’ units are currently on maintenance,” Eskom said.

“Eskom would like to assure customers that load shedding is implemented as a necessary measure to protect the power system and to ensure that maintenance is carried out in order to guarantee that our supply of electricity can be maintained in the long term.”

On Wednesday morning, Eskom said that the electricity grid was stable and said that it would be able to possible to perform maintenance without implementing loadshedding.

However, the power utility warned at the time that due to increased electricity demand in the evening and power stations’ units being on maintenance, the power system was expected to be constrained during the evening peak period (5pm– 9pm).

The utility urged electricity users to consider energy efficient ways of keeping warm, as the country was experiencing cold weather conditions.


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