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2 May 2015
7:31 pm

Eskom to embark on another maintenance drive ahead of winter


Eskom said it on Saturday that there was no planned load shedding as it had enough generating capacity to meet demand as it headed into another maintenance drive in a bid to improve the performance of its system ahead of winter.

Picture: Thinkstock

In a statement, Eskom said: “There is currently no planned load shedding as Eskom has enough generating capacity to meet the demand in electricity.

“Eskom is using this weekend to embark on a massive maintenance drive in an effort to improve the performance and reliability of its power generating units ahead of the expected peak winter demand,” the power utility added. “The focus of the maintenance programme is on reducing the backlog of power generating units that are currently offline due to technical faults.”

Eskom called on customers to continue using electricity sparingly to enable the technicians to carry out the requisite maintenance of power generating units.

“As the evenings begin to get a little chilly, we urge electricity users to consider energy efficient ways of keeping warm.”