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7 Feb 2015
11:59 am

Man dies during power cuts


A Bloemfontein man, connected to two oxygen machines, died after Eskom implemented rolling blackouts twice in one day.

Picture: Thinkstock

William Engelbrecht, 61, died within 30 minutes after the power was cut for the second time on Thursday at his home in Navalsig, Bloemfontein.

According to Beeld, Engelbrecht suffered from severe asbestosis and his family believed he had not recovered from the first power cut when he died during the second one.

His sister Lina Herbst said he was permanently connected to two oxygen machines because one was not strong enough. Eskom implemented power cuts on Thursday between 2pm and 4pm, and again from 6pm to 8.30pm.

The family’s generator was switched on but it was not strong enough to keep two oxygen machines going.

“It could only keep my brother going for short periods of time, if the electricity was not off for long,” she told Beeld.

“It was too much for my brother who had not recovered from the first power failure.”

Eskom said it was investigating the incident and would comment next week.