Greater Tzaneen municipality hires ‘bouncers’ to stop disruptions

Greater Tzaneen municipality hires ‘bouncers’ to stop disruptions

Greater Tzaneen Local Municipality buildings, Tzaneen. Picture: Letaba Herald

Desperate service providers turn violent in bid to get municipality to cough up on unpaid invoices.

A Limpopo local municipality has been criticised for appointing a second security company after a spate of attacks and disruptions of council meetings in recent weeks. The Greater Tzaneen Local Municipality in the Mopani region has appointed a security company that uses bouncers to try to stop the ongoing disruptions. The company was appointed last week at a cost of R700,000 to provide a high-level security at the municipal offices for a period of a month. The municipality has another security company providing that service already. According to the municipal records, the company forks out nearly R1 million a month...




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