WATCH: Mom and toddler walk in on casual armed robbery in Kempton Park

A screengrab from the CCTV footage

Robbers were busy slyly emptying the till, so much so that customers walking in and out of the store hardly noticed what was happening.

CCTV footage of an armed robbery at an Edleen store surfaced in Kempton Park in December, showing unsuspecting customers entering the shop while the robbery was in progress, reports Kempton Express.

While customers go about their business, the robbers slyly empty the till.

Among the customers were a mother and a young toddler. They enter the store and move about without noticing the crime.

Other customers can be seen entering the store, looking around, and going about their shopping.

When the woman does notice something is amiss, they quickly exit the shop.

At the time of the footage becoming available, Sgt Johanna Madiga, Norkem Park SAPS spokesperson, said no case of armed robbery was opened at the station.

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