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19 Feb 2016
5:00 am

I hate women, says Sebolai


Former DJ’s view on women in report, prosecutor tells court.

Jozi FM DJ Donald Sebolai looks through a court document containing crime scene photos after trial proceedings, 27 July 2015, at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court, South of Johannesburg. Sebolai is accused of murdering his girlfriend Rachel Dolly Tshabalala in his flat in Soweto last year. Picture: Alaister Russell

State prosecutor Elize le Roux told the South Gauteng High Court, sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, yesterday that she was astounded by repeated claims that convicted murderer Donald “Duck” Sebolai did not have the propensity for violence.

In October, Sebolai was found guilty of murder and for obstructing justice, but was acquitted of theft.

The former Jozi FM radio presenter stabbed his girlfriend, Rachel “Dolly” Tshabalala, in the lower abdomen and left her to bleed to death in her Soweto flat.

Le Roux said claims that the former DJ was not violent were “astounding”.

That’s because Sebolai told the court “that he would reprimand his partner if she didn’t listen to him”.

According to Le Roux, the view that domestic violence “was not serious” was not how the courts viewed things.

“We see there was a repetitive nature of violence by Sebolai on other women, who never pushed through with the cases opened against him,” Le Roux argued.

She added that the state submitted several impact statements from Tshabalala’s mother, showing how the murder had affected her.

Le Roux said Tshabalala had her own dreams and was studying toward her psychology degree, all destroyed by one senseless violent act.

In a report available to the court, Sebolai said he hated women.

“He blamed her [Tshabalala] for all their hardship. I find the tears of the accused questionable and don’t believe he is remorseful.”

Le Roux said there were no compelling reasons for the court to give a lesser sentence.

After listening to both mitigation and aggravation arguments, Judge Cassim Moosa said he needed time to apply his mind. The judge adjourned the court to March 4.