Ilse de Lange
1 minute read
19 Feb 2016
5:00 am

Killer cop was not alone

Ilse de Lange

Angry community leaders believe the policeman is taking fall for his colleagues.

Police are looking for a head of a headless man.

Family and friends of three Mothotlung residents, shot dead during a water delivery protest two years ago, believe the policeman found guilty for their murders was shielding others who were also responsible.

They sang protest songs outside the North Gauteng High Court after Judge Lettie Malopa postponed Warrant Officer Hyde Mophosho’s trial to April.

That was so the former public order policing member could consult with a psychologist.

Last month, the judge found Mophosho, 46, guilty on three counts of murder, two of attempted murder and the unlawful possession of deadly ammunition, banned by police for use in crowd control years ago.

Protesters Enock Seimela and Oshiah Rahube died at the scene, while Mike Tshele died in hospital days later after Mophosho opened fire on them.

In his defence, Mophosho said he believed he was firing rubber bullets, a version rejected by the court.

Union Defence Force national chief officer Tebogo Malema, a close friend of Seimela, said the victims’ deaths were in vain because their water problem had still not been resolved.

Malema and Mothotlung community leader Chris Seabi believed Mophosho was shielding co-conspirators.

“The police got an order to come and attack people,” Malema said.

“Where are they now? Why aren’t they in court?” Seabi said: “We don’t believe the killing was the act of just one person.

“The people behind it must confess.”