Viva Mandela! Watch the cutest tribute song ever

So cute... Mbali Masolo from Qunu in the Eastern Cape sings her special Mandela tribute song.

A little four-year-old girl living close to the Nelson Mandela Museum in Qunu in the Eastern Cape has created a song especially for the world icon.

Viva Mandela, he is our hero, is the name she has given to it. Reciting it loudly and proudly, Mbali Masolo said she had learned
the song at school.

“Viva Mandela, our hero,” is the title, she said before bursting into song.

“He spent 27 years in prison, Mr Mandela our hero!,” she screams.

“He is the hero of South Africa, he is the president of South Africa.

“Viva Madiba!”

Her father Ayanda Majangaza was born and bred in Qunu and has spent his whole life in Mandela’s “backyard”. This has brought him and his family a lot of joy and happiness as they feel a closeness with the father of the nation. Majangaza said that since Mandela’s
death, many people in the village started reminiscing, sharing stories and memories of their neighbour.

“An elder told me that Madiba always remembered people in Qunu, she said he knew everyone and would greet them all by name,” said Majangaza.

Since Mandela’s death on December 5 many people in Qunu and surrounding villages have been mourning in different ways, some celebrating his life, others in prayer and some with tears.

Majangaza said that there has been a lot more hurt and tears recently though, ever since a lot of elders who knew him found out that they cannot attend the funeral tomorrow.

“People who knew him and grew up with him are very hurt that they are unable to go to the funeral. We are unhappy, but at least
we are close and we have bought a television so that we can watch the funeral live,” he added.

Majangaza also said that many elders expressed their concerns on whether the funeral would run according to the correct traditional

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