Live: Manamela says Malema is a coward

President Jacob Zuma. (Photo by Gallo Images).

President Jacob Zuma. (Photo by Gallo Images).

We bring you a live report.

16:59 Malema allegedly “didn’t want to compromise his boyhood” when he and Manamela went to visit Fikile Mbalula in the initiation school.

16:56 Manamela says Malema is a coward.

16:55 Manamela now lashes out at EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

16:54 “It is they who believe that black lives don’t matter, and only black votes matter,” Manamela on the DA.

16:52 Manamela now talks about racism in the private sector.

16:51 “Racism has taken a form of economic exploitation.”

16:51 “If you want a school, why do you burn a hospital,” Manamela on the youth.

16:49 “We’ve been able to reduce contact crime the 18%.”

16:47 Manamela now talks about contact crime.

16:40 “For the ANC black lives matter. For the DA, only black votes matter,” Manamela says.

16:37 ANC MP Buti Manamela says ANC under Zuma is more united. “The ANC is the most capable party.”

16:33 “The DA puts the needs of South Africans forward,” Mileham.

16:30 “The question is, Mr President what are you hiding.”

16:29 He says Zuma’s government doesn’t take seriously the increase in food prices.

16:27 DA MP Kevin Mileham address the issue of drought.

16:25 IFP MP says Zuma doesn’t ensure the implementation on the performance contracts with his ministers.

16:21 ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe says “there are racists in all race groups.”

16:10 Julius is asked whether he called Zuma “this man”. We refuses to withdraw. He says “I can’t remember Speaker”.

16:08 “It’s either you are lying or you believe the lie yourself,” Julius.

16:05 “We want you Mr President to be brave. Please be brave.”

16:04 MP Julius takes to the stage.

15:59 “Mr Lekota your time has expired”. Lekota refuses to sit down.

15:58 “We are expected to hold the executive to account. We should not protect them,” Lekota says.

15:57 Lekoto continues with his speach.

15:56 ANC MP Mdu Manana denies having said “voetsek”.

15:54 “I will not withdraw,” says the Speaker.

15:52 The Speaker is asked to withdraw the ruling.

15:51 “You can’t say all DA members must go out,” says Cope MP.

15:48 ANC MP shouts “voetsek” to the DA.

15:46 ANC chief whip says Maimane is the “culprit”.

15:45 Maimane asks for an adjournment. Speaker refuses.

15:44 “On what basis?” Maimane asks.


The Congress of the People (Cope) continued where it left off during the State of the Nation Address (Sona), during Wednesday’s debate.

According to Cope leader, Mosioua Lekota, South Africa finds itself in in a deep constitutional and economic crisis.

However, Lekota was interrupted by ANC MPs.

“Honourable chair I cannot continue with talking while I’m being disrupted.”

Lekota came under attack for using the word “factions”, which he said existed within the ANC.

However, DA MPJohn Steenhuisen said the deputy chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, Raseriti Tau was talking rubbish after he ruled that the word “factions” was unpaliamentary.

Steenhuisen repeatedly refused to withdraw the word.

DA MPs were then ordered to leave the house by the Deputy NCOP chairperson, but Maimane would have none of that.

“No we will not leave the house,” Maimane said. Read the full article here


15:43 The speaker commands the DA to leave parliament.

15:42 “Can you be recused from the chair,” Maimane asks the Speaker.

15:42 “I find it insulting that you mentioned that word to me,” Speaker.

15:39 “You are talking a complete rubbish now,” DA MP tells the Speaker.

15:38 The speaker asks Lekota to refrain from saying there are factions in parliament.

15:36 “Chair it is very difficult to speak,” Lekota.

15:35 MPs continue to boo Lekota.

15:34 Lekota is being booed. The speaker calls MP to order.

15:33 Lekota says there’s a constitutional crisis.

15:32 Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota takes to the stage.

15:26 He talks about commercial farming.

15:25 He now talks about education in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

15:24 Zikalala denounces calls for Eskom’s privatisation. He says it will help advance “while monopoly capital”.

15:23 Zikalala also lashes out at Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota. He says Cope is a dying party.

15:22 Zikalala says DA is a fertile ground for racism

15:21 On a point of order, Zikalala is asked to withdraw the alligation and he withdraws.

15:20 Zikalala mentions that Dianne Kohler Barnard is a racist.

15:19 “Zuma’s government remains the only government with capacity”, Zikalala.

15:18 ANC’s Sihle Zikala takes to the stage.

15:16 “We see extremists in this house,” Mulder.

15:15 He talks about the “kill all whites” T-shirt saga.

15:12 FF Plus leader Pieter Mulder takes to the stage. He addresses the generalisation on the matter of racism.


Towards the end of her speech during the last day of the State of the Nation Address (Sona) debate on Wednesday, ANC MP Tina Joemat-Pettersson laid into EFF leader Julius Malema following his attack on President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday.

She said she has been trying to understand why young people love Malema.

“I thought they were attracted by the red overalls, but there was this six year old child who said to me Julius is a hooligan.

“It is not me who is saying that, but a child who says if you behave like this, you are a juvenile delinquent,” said Joemat-Petterson.

She said Malema never went through civilisation, hence his behaviour.

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15:10 “Malema don’t teach children how to bore children. You will never be able to give birth anything,”

15:07 “Every group of students who come to parliament want to take a photo with Julius Malema.”

15:06 “I went to the bush college.”

15:03 “Women are running the energy sector.”

15:02 “If you want the job …. watch the space”

15:02 “We have to do nuclear”

14:55 “Even God can’t remove Zuma’s past,” Joemat-Pettersson says.

14:53 She talks about Zuma’s “beautiful smile”. Zuma and some members of the ANC laugh and clap hands.

14:52 She commends Zuma on his “legacy”.

14:50 Joemat-Pettersson commends governemnt in stopping load shedding.

14:49  She says South Africa is better today than it was in the past.

14:48 Minister of Energy Tina Joemat-Pettersson takes to the stage.

14:47 Manier wants South African Airways to be privatised.

14:47 Manier wants cost cut on entertainment activities.

14:46 He wants Finance Minister to cut expenditure.

14:45 He wants Finance Minister to implement a wage subsidy.

14:44 He wants Zuma to amend the turnaround economic strategy after Nene’s axing.

14:43 Manier denounces the country’s foreign land ownership policy.

14:42 “The turnaround plan didn’t contain a new economic policy,” says Manier.

14:40 He says president Jacob Zuma dropped a bombshell when he fired former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene.

14:38 DA MP David Manier takes to the stage.

14:35 “These are difficult times, yet more has been achieved. Let’s rebuild social cohesion,” concludes Patel.

14:34 He further talks about saving jobs.

14:33 Patel talks about criminalising price fixing.

14:32 Patel says employment for the whole year grew up by 4.7%

14:31 “60% of all the fruit juice we export, goes to other African countries,” says Patel.

14:30 “We drive transformation.”

14:29 Patel mentions the multi-billion deal government had with China.

14:22 Patel says this is a result of a strong partnership between government and investors.

14:21 “Tshwane is leading with 718 Wi-Fi hotspots,” says Patel.

14:20 “The investment help millions in townships and suburbs.”

14:18 “South Africans’ lives were improved.”

14:16 Patel talks about how the 9-point plan was implemented.

14:14 Minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel says the opposition makes “profits of doom and gloom”.

14:12 Mbete says she’s very happy to be called “madam”. The whole house clap hands.

14:10 ANC Chief Whip withdraws the “madam” comment.

14:08 ANC Chief Whip call DA MP “madam”. He further said she’s out of order for challenging the speaker to withdraw.

14:07 Which return rule do you sustain, asks a DA MP.

14:06 Remarks of a personal nature were made about the president [Jacob Zuma].

14:00 National Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete lays the rules.




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