Heroic dog protects owners from hijacking

Tiny and Levi play together. Image supplied

It is said a dog is a man’s best friend – and this proved to be true when Levi, a white Alsatian, stopped a hijacking in progress.

Eight suspects waited outside the home of Levi’s owners in South Crest, Alberton on 5 December. When the couple came home at 11am, two managed to slip through the closing gate.

Levi’s owners were faced with guns pointed to their heads while still in the car – but that’s when Levi jumped into action: sensing the danger, she leapt at one of the suspects.

The suspect shot at Levi, hitting the side of her eye. But Levi won the fight: the two would-be hijackers grabbed the woman’s purse and jumped over the electrified gate to escape.

Levi was rushed to the vet, but didn’t even have to stay in hospital overnight.

She’s back to her old self; full of life and playing with her friend Tiny, a toy Pom.


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today in print