Crocodile attack survivor back in hospital

Clinix Phalaborwa Private Hospital staff Elsie Dzimbile (left) and Zellah Mthethwa (right) poses for a picture with local miracle case, Kelly Trauernicht who had to be admitted after infection spread in her arm. PHOTO: Letaba Herald.

Kelly Trauernicht was admitted to the Clinix Phalaborwa Private hospital on Tuesday

A woman who survived a crocodile attack during a family outing on Sunday, January 17, has been readmitted into hospital in Polokwane after she started showing signs of septicaemia.

Kelly Trauernicht, 32, from Phalaborwa, in Limpopo, was discharged from hospital on Sunday, January 24, but started showing signs of septicaemia, blood poisoning caused by bacteria, two days later, Letaba Herald reported.

Clinix Phalaborwa, who came to hear of the case through the media, immediately came to Trauernicht’s aid by covering her stay at the private hospital, Letaba Herald reported.

Local doctors sympathetic to her situation are also donating their time and services to care for her.

She was admitted to the Clinix Phalaborwa Private hospital on Tuesday and received her first treatment under general anaesthetic on Wednesday.

“I noticed a strange smell on Monday, but thought nothing of it because of the smells of the hospital and the medicine,” said Trauernicht.

“But when I went to the clinic at the pharmacy to have the wounds cleaned on Tuesday, the nurse told me that there was a problem. To me it looked just the same as it had all week in hospital. I was so upset I started to cry” said Trauernicht.

According to a spokesperson at Clinix Phalaborwa, Trauernicht had an initial treatment in theatre which lasted about two hours.

“She might need another two trips to theatre to clean the wounds, but these might be considerably shorter” the spokesperson said.

Clinix Phalaborwa is covering all the expenses of Trauernicht’s stay and they believe that she could be ready to go home early next week. Friends and family appreciate everything that Clinix is doing for Trauernicht, who will have more medical expenses, once her arm is healed.

“I lost three teeth and another three were cracked in the attack. I also lost my glasses,” Trauernicht said. “But I am just happy to be alive and that they could save my arm, everything else is just cosmetic”.

The Phalaborwa community also became involved with the family’s welfare by providing meals for the household, while Trauernicht is recuperating.

– Caxton News Service

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