14 years for diplomat’s killer

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Judge Mohammed Ismail sentenced 21-year-old Zimbabwean Nigel Khahari for the October 2014 murder of Fatmi Noureddine.

An illegal immigrant who slit a Moroccan diplomat’s throat and stabbed him 42 times because of the man’s alleged unwelcome sexual advances has been sentenced in the High Court in Pretoria to 14 years effective imprisonment.

Judge Mohammed Ismail sentenced 21-year-old Zimbabwean Nigel Khahari for the October 2014 murder of Fatmi Noureddine at the diplomat’s flat in Waterkloof.
Noureddine was the officer in charge of consular affairs at the Moroccan Embassy in Pretoria.

He was arrested while in possession of Noureddine’s passports and camera, which he used to take photos of his victim’s buttocks after killing him. A social worker earlier testified that Khahari came from a country where homosexuality was outlawed and that he had over-reacted out of anger on waking up and finding himself naked in bed with Noureddine.

Noureddine had befriended Khahari while the accused was working as a packer at a shop.

She said Khahari had grown up with an abusive alcoholic father and an absent mother and learnt from a young age to suppress his emotions and react to conflict situations with violence.

He was disappointed in Noureddine because he had trusted the diplomat and thought he would help him to get a better job.

Khahari had shown no real remorse, as he lied about what really happened and told her his victim maybe “got what he deserved”, she added. Khamari initially claimed Noureddine had attack him with a knife, but changed his version after a pathologist testified that it would have been impossible for the diplomat to stab himself.

Judge Mohammed Ismail sentenced Khahari to a total of over 18 years imprisonment on charges of murder, theft and being an illegal immigrant, but ordered that some of the sentences must run concurrently.

He said the murder had been particularly brutal and there was no evidence to support Khahari’s impression that his victim had sexually violated him. The Judge took into account as mitigation that Khahari was a first offender, had already spent a year in prison while awaiting trial and that his was still a young man.

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