Charges withdrawn against ‘baby basher’

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Charges were withdrawn against Alexander Forba after the baby’s mother could not be traced.

A Cameroonian man who was accused of murdering his three-day-old baby by using her as a club to beat his girlfriend is a free man because the baby’s mother could not be traced.

The State yesterday withdrew a murder charge against Alexander Forba, 32.

Forba, who is in the country illegally, now faces possible extradition.

Prosecutor Gerhard Maritz told the court that although three of Forba’s former neighbours had arrived at court to testify, there were no prospects of successfully prosecuting Forba without the evidence of the baby’s mother.

The court withdrew warrants for the neighbours’ arrest that were issued earlier this week.

Maritz earlier told the court Forba’s girlfriend Joans Akwa, who is also a Cameroonian citizen, had moved out of their flat in Pretoria West shortly after her baby’s death without leaving a forwarding address or telling neighbours where she was going.

Forba was charged with murder and assault following an incident in February last year when he allegedly repeatedly assaulted his girlfriend by hitting her with their three-day-old baby girl and kicking her. He allegedly also assaulted a neighbour.

The State alleged that Akwa had woken up in the early hours of the morning of something hitting her on the head. She then allegedly saw Forba holding their baby by the feet with her head hanging down.

Forba allegedly repeatedly wanted to know who the father of the baby was and started hitting her with the baby while still holding the baby girl upside down.

She managed to run to the neighbour’s house, but Forba allegedly followed her and hit her with the baby in the neighbours presence.

She managed to get the baby from him and ran away, but he was allegedly very aggressive and threw the neighbour onto the ground before following his girlfriend and assaulting her again with the baby.

When she fell to the ground, he allegedly kicked her and afterwards threw the baby on the ground.

When the police and paramedics arrived at the scene, the baby was transported to hospital, but she died of brain bleeding.


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