Joni Tollner
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20 Jan 2016
1:54 pm

Man recounts parents’ Skype robbery ordeal

Joni Tollner

The man's brother saw their parents being held up by two armed men on Skype.

In this photo illustration, the Skype internet phone program is seen September 1, 2009 in New York City

National coordinator at the Right2Know Campaign, Micah Reddy, who was able to come to the rescue of his parents who were being robbed in their home in Melville in Johannesburg last week, has recounted his family’s ordeal.

Reddy said he was watching TV on Monday last week when his cellphone lit up with a series of Facebook messages from his brother Niall who is studying in Paris, Rosebank-Killarney Gazette reported.

“Something seemed rather urgent about the messages,” said Reddy. “When I read them, Niall said that he had been on Skype talking to my mum when he noticed something very fishy happening, it looked like our parents were being robbed.”

Reddy added that his brother continued to send frantic messages and posting status updates, asking family and friends in Joburg to call the police as he felt helpless knowing that his parents were being attacked and he was too far away to do anything about it.

Reddy’s parents, Tessa and Govin Reddy, were being held up by two armed men who were demanding to know where their safe was.

He said while he was looking for his car keys, he phoned police and had trouble getting through at first. When he did get through, the line was very bad and the call was eventually cut.

“I’m sure a few of Niall’s friends had phoned them,” he continued.

Reddy then rushed over to his parents’ home with his flatmate, who managed to look up the number for the private security company that his parents had hired and phoned them. Guards of the company met Reddy at the entrance to his parents’ home and the commotion must have caused the suspects to flee, unfortunately with an undisclosed amount of cash and electrical goods.

“It was clear something was wrong,” said Reddy.

“Most of the lights were out. I was asking the guards to break down the door between the garage and the house when I heard my mother’s voice on the other side. She unlocked it for us.”

Johannesburg Central police spokesperson Warrant Officer Lorraine van Emerik said a case of armed robbery was being investigated.

Reddy was relieved to find his parents unharmed and wanted to extend his gratitude to everyone who helped that night.

– Caxton News Service