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20 Jan 2016
10:55 am

ANCWL condemns nude demonstration


The women said they were demonstrating their grievances against the outcome of an ANC meeting.

Members of the ANC Women's League. Picture: @POWER987News via Twitter

The African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) on Wedneday said it was “appalled” by the behaviour of women who bared their bottoms in protest at the ANC Tshwane Regional Offices.

On Monday a group of about 16 women, who are members of the ANC, said they were demonstrating their grievances against the outcome of a party meeting.

The women claimed bouncers armed with pangas and firearms stormed their meeting, which was held at Lebelo Primary School in Hammanskraal on Sunday. They said they were forcibly prevented from the voting process to elect a new branch committee.

But the ANCWL said the “demonstration was in bad taste and displays a moral decay that emanates from foreign tendencies within the ANC such as factionalism and clique politics”.

The ANCWL said the reasons for the protest “could never justify such behavior” which it said sought to undermine the African National Congress (ANC) and it’s processes.

“The ANC has internal channels and procedures that could have been followed to lodge a dispute on the said outcomes. There are no individual members who are above the organisation and all members must follow the appropriate channels to lodge a dispute,” said the ANCWL in a strongly worded statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, the league’s secretary general.

“As the ANCWL we are disappointed by this behaviour and it’s Anti-ANC. Members of the ANC should display discipline, lead society and not initiate unethical acts of indecent exposure. Women must always carry themselves in an exemplary manner in society.”
– African News Agency (ANA)