ATM robbery victim takes no nonsense from crooks

ATM robbery victim takes no nonsense from crooks

A screengrab from a video showing a woman confronting a man who allegedly robbed her in Kempton Park. Pic: Kempton Express/YouTube

Video: The victim got into a scuffle with the suspects and slapped one of them after they allegedly robbed her at an ATM.

The two suspected robbers arrested at Glen Acres Shopping Centre in Kempton Park, Gauteng on Wednesday evening almost got away after asking an unsuspecting bystander to help them get their car off the wall they were stuck on.

In their haste to flee the scene of the robbery at the Shell garage, the driver reversed the getaway car onto the wall, where it was left dangling, Kempton Express reported.

An Aston Manor resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said he and his wife heard a loud bang as they left the gym.

“We walked over to take a photograph of the car and to see what was going on. A man came up to me and asked very nervously if I could help the poor guy to get his car off the wall.

The getaway car hangs from a low wall with its tyres suspended in the air. Pic: Supplied.

The getaway car hangs from a low wall with its tyres suspended in the air. Pic: Supplied.

“At the time I did not know it was one of the men who had just robbed R3 000 from a woman at the ATM,” said the eyewitness.

“I almost helped him but told him I did not know whose car it was because there was no driver inside. I wouldn’t know what to do anyway or how to get the car off.”

Seconds later, the driver of the car came running out of the garage with a woman following soon after, screaming, “That man robbed me!”.

Furious at the men who robbed her, the woman got into a scuffle with them, slapping one of them. Seeing what was unfolding, the man who was asked for help started filming the incident.

MML Security officers Hans Matthee, Robert Thoms and Marcel Nijbour apprehended the suspects, who were then arrested by the police.

“It is alleged that the female victim (42) was withdrawing cash at the nearby Nedbank ATM when one of the suspects distracted her and told her there was something wrong with the machine. The victim was under the impression her card was jammed inside the ATM but then realised money was withdrawn from her account,” Kempton Park police spokesperson Captain Jethro Mtshali said.

The two suspects are now facing a charge of common robbery.

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