Steven Tau
1 minute read
12 Jan 2016
9:51 am

Students ‘assaulted’ amid Wits evictions

Steven Tau

"The university has been completely clamped down by bouncers and the police".

FILE PICTURE: Students block the entrances to Wits University, 15 October 2015, as they protest against management’s plan to increase fees by 10.5% next year and the upfront registration fee by 6%. Picture: Michel Bega

Several students were on Tuesday morning evicted from Wits University in the wake of renewed #feesmustfall protests.

According to university vice chancellor, Adam Habib, the students concerned were evicted because they prevented face to face registrations from taking place on Monday.

“Students must also remember that while they are demanding for their rights, they should do so by taking responsibility.

“Following the protest action on Monday, the university had to engage with seurity personnel, telling them to ensure that everyone is safe,” said Habib.

He said he was not aware of any incidents of violence and assault during the evictions which took place from as early as 6am.

Student leader, Vuyani Pambo said some students were kicked, while others were undressed during the evictions.

“The university has been completely clamped down by bouncers and the police, and some of us are unable to move out of our residence while those outside are unable to gain access into the university,” he said.

When asked what the way forward is, Pambo said the protest action will continue.

“We will be strategising about our next plan of action, and we will not rest until our demands are met because and the violence that erupted early in the morning is just a sign of an intolerent management that does not want to engage students,” Pambo added.