Maile Matsimela
1 minute read
4 Jan 2016
3:07 pm

VIDEO: Nandos outlet gets flame-grilled

Maile Matsimela

A grill fire at the store went on to burn parts of the kitchen, the roof and the paper storeroom.

The kitchen of the Nando's restaurant in Boksburg which went up flames earlier today. Pic: Boksburg Advertiser.

There was panic at Nando’s at the Westwood Village Shopping Centre in Boksburg when a fire burnt out of control earlier today.

It is reported as soon as the fire broke out, people from neighbouring shops brought fire extinguishers to assist in containing the fire. However, the blaze still spiralled out of control, Boksburg Advertiser reported.

All 10 people who were in the shop when the fire started escaped unscathed.

In the video, the fire is seen breaking out behind the Nando’s outlet, with smoke billowing from the premises.

EMS spokesperson William Ntladi said the fire was overwhelming when firefighters arrived at the scene.

“The fire started on a grill burner and set the extractor systems alight, which then made it worse,” added Ntladi.

It went on to burn parts of the kitchen, the roof and the paper storeroom.

Ntladi said firefighters first isolated the gas supply after arriving on the scene to prevent the cylinders from catching fire. He said firefighters also had to cut open the roof to allow vertical ventilation, which minimised the spread of the flames.

“We do not know the extent of the damage. A full assessment first has to be carried out,” added Ntladi.

Three water tankers were dispatched to extinguish the blaze and it took 25 minutes to completely put out the fire.

– Caxton News Service