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4 Jan 2016
10:51 am

SA welcomes 2016 with racial Twitter storm

Citizen reporter

Four days into 2016, SA Twitter is already fuming with #PennySparrow, #ChrisHart, #RacismMustFall.

Four days into 2016, South African Twitter is already fuming with #PennySparrow, #ChrisHart, #RacismMustFall.

South Africans are raging about Penny Sparrow this morning, but that seems to be the straw that broke the so-called hashtag camel’s back. Controversy has been brewing and outraged tweets have been flying since last night after economist and global investment strategist at Standard Bank Wealth and Investment Chris Hart tweeted that, more than 25 years after the Apartheid era ended, victims are increasing – along with a sense of entitlement and hatred towards minorities.

South Africans didn’t take kindly to his observation, and a flurry of replies and tweets ensued:

Hours later Hart apologised on Twitter and explained his stance, but Standard Bank has made it known that they will take action against him because of what he said.