Phindile Chauke
1 minute read
30 Nov 2013
8:00 am

Cancellations had no impact

Phindile Chauke

The contract cancellation of 13 organisations tasked with improving the standard of literacy in 982 Gauteng schools has no impact on the project's continued roll out, the provincial department of education said yesterday.

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Department spokesman Phumla Sekhonyane said the cancellations were a result of a move to internalise the implementation of its Primary Literacy and Maths Strategy (GPLMS).

“Building on successes achieved through the GPLMS in the past three years, the Gauteng Department of Education is making the support system part of the teaching and learning mainstream in over 900 primary schools in the province.

“This will ensure that the strategy is no longer an ‘add on’ reliant on outside support, but forms part of the core approach to literacy and numeracy teaching in around 982 primary schools,” she said.

She added that these were schools classified as underperforming and in need of specific support interventions by the department.

Sekhonyane was responding to The Citizen’s story published on Friday that the contract of the biggest non-governmental organisation, Class Act, had been cancelled following its disgruntled employee’s reveal.

The organisation had recently informed its contract employees that their services will no longer be needed from January 2014 after the department terminated its four-year contract a year in advance citing “budget constraints” and “political pressure”.

However, the employee alleged that the cancellation was a result of irregularities in how the contract was issued.

Sekhonyane refuted this saying a request for proposals was issued to more than 20 non-governmental organisations known by the department to be competent in improving literacy among primary school pupils.

She said that of the organisations that responded, 13, including Class Act, became part of a group that was contracted to provide the required support to the identified schools.

However, following a meeting earlier this month with the organisations, all contracts were cancelled and Sikhonyane said the requirement for external support for the GPLMS was expected to shrink even further.