South Africa 21.12.2015 05:00 am

Five outlets closed for ‘fake’ booze

Image credit: Thinkstock

Image credit: Thinkstock

Some of the illegal products found on shelves and confiscated were fake spirits and tequilas.

An inspection blitz by government officials has resulted in five liquor outlets being closed down and 17 compliance notices being issued along with fines to the value of R4 000 to non-compliant holders in KwaZulu-Natal.

The raids by the trade and industry (Dti) and social development departments, the South African Police Service and Kwazulu-Natal Liquor Board started on Monday and ended on Friday. Over the festive season, KwaZulu-Natal sees thousands of holidaymakers descending on the province.

“More than 45 outlets ranging from taverns, restaurants, distributors and manufacturers were raided in Durban Central Business District, Albert Park, Inanda and KwaMashu. The raids were conducted in terms of Section 26 of the National Liquor Act of 2003 which authorises the National Liquor Authority of the Dti to conduct inspections,” the Dti said in a statement.

Some of the illegal products found on shelves and confiscated were fake spirits and tequilas. According to chief director of the National Liquor Authority, Prea Ramdhuny, the purpose of the campaign and inspection blitz in Durban was to instil awareness among traders on responsible trading and enforce compliance to conditions of registrations.

“This festive season we had to broaden the inspections in order to include education, and create awareness around all substance abuse for the campaign to have more impact and yield results. Social workers provided support to the raids to ensure that those affected by substance abuse received the necessary interventions. Most outlets that were given compliance notices and fines failed to adhere to the stipulated conditions of their licences.”


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