ZumaMustFall march to occupy Mandela Bridge

UAC will occupy Mandela Bridge from 10am till 12 noon.

The Unite Against Corruption (UAC) campaign has called on the public to join human rights group, Section 27, in the #ZumaMustFall gathering that will take place at the Mandela Bridge, in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

There have been reports on numerous places that will holding the #ZumaMustFall march, this includes marches in Cape Town, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth and other parts of the country.

UAC has confirmed that they will occupy Mandela Bridge from 10am till 12 noon, in support to the demand for #ZumaMustFall, “whether by his own hand or by the of the ruling party, African National Congress”.

The plan is to occupy Mandela Bridge, on the Day of Reconciliation for “No Reconciliation With Corruption”. It is believed that this will mark as an step forward against corruption, an opportunity for voices to be heard and appeal to people concerned about corruption.

On 30 September, UAC handed out a memorandum of measures to counter corruption, and they are calling out the government to respond to their demands.

UAC writes: President Jacob Zuma has attacked the independence of the treasury, and by failing to give legitimate reasons for his attack, has given the country no choice but to believe that he is anxious to cover up corruption, in particular the South African Airways Airbus deal and the trillion-rand secret nuclear deal.

UAC also states their grievances with the Presidency, saying “playing musical chairs with posts”, the poverty and inequality which indicates that the government got their priorities wrong.

Among the people joining the march is Zwelinzima Vavi, he tweeted:

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today in print