Baby basher’s trial delayed

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Cameroonian man allegedly used a baby as a club to assault his girlfriend.

The trial of a Cameroonian man accused of murdering a baby by using her as a club to beat his girlfriend has been postponed in the High Court in Pretoria to January.

Judge Selby Baqwa postponed the trial of Alexander Nde Forba (32), who is facing a charges of murder and assault.

The Judge told Forba he should take up the issue of a bail hearing with his advocate.

Forba was arrested after the death of a three-day-old baby girl at a garage in Pretoria West in February.

The baby’s mother was discharged from the Kalafong Hospital after giving birth three days earlier and returned to the flat in Pretoria West which she and Forba shared with three other couples.

The State alleges that Forba had returned home drunk and started arguing with his girlfriend about the baby’s paternity.

He allegedly assaulted her and followed her to a garage, where he pulled the baby from his girlfriend’s back and used her as a club to assault his girlfriend.

Someone stopped the assault and called the police.

The baby started vomiting and was rushed to hospital, but later died of her injuries.

The magistrate’s court earlier heard that Forba had an asylum seekers permit.

He will meanwhile remain in custody.


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