Ngwako Modjadji
2 minute read
27 Nov 2015
7:00 am

DA to target City of Joburg

Ngwako Modjadji

Elections: Billing crisis and infrastructure will be used to woo support from the ANC.

John Moodey. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Billing crisis, e-tolling system, crime, unemployment and state of disrepair of infrastructure in Johannesburg are some of the things the Democratic Alliance (DA) will use to woo support away from the ANC.

The party is also targeting the youth ahead of next year’s local government elections. The DA launched its #LoveMyJozi campaign in Dobsonville, Soweto, yesterday. It hopes to wrestle control of the City of Johannesburg from the ANC. DA Gauteng leader John Moodey and senior leaders met residents who have received inflated bills as a result of smart meters installed by businesses alleged to have close links with President Jacob Zuma and the ANC.

Moodey said: “We are tired of not having running water, not getting electricity to our homes and not having reliable public transport.” He said the DA wants a city that creates jobs, delivers housing and takes back the streets from criminals. Moodey said the billing crisis has become a burden to many people.

DA Johannesburg caucus leader Vasco da Gama said the City of Johannesburg must cancel the R1.2 billion smart electricity meters deal with the Edison Power Consortium as a matter of urgency before the entire city’s billing system crashes.

“The city refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing with the Edison contract and refuses to acknowledge that there are problems with the meters,” said Da Gama One of the frustrated residents, Lydia Sehlolo, said she recently received a bill stating she owes R128 335.90. “Where will I get this kind of money?” Sehhlo asked.

“They only installed the prepaid smart meter in July last year. Now they are saying I owe more than R100 000. “I will not pay,” she said. Da Gama alleged that the smart meter contract was awarded to Edison a few weeks after its chair person, Vivian Reddy, paid R450 000 for a seat at Zuma’s table during an ANC fundraising dinner.

“I was at this same dinner that the president said that things would go well with businesses that support the ANC,” he said.