Visitors to be e-tolled

FILE PICTURE: A e-toll gantry is seen along the N1 South highway, 9 October 2013. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Cross-border visitors will also have to pay e-tolls, the SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral) said on Wednesday, after an announcement that e-tolling would be launched on December 3.

Neighbouring countries would be informed about electronic tolling, said Sanral CEO Nazir Alli in Pretoria.

“There would be cross-border collection. We prefer them to register as well,” he said.

The agency said it would make sure toll tariffs were collected before vehicles left the country.

Alli said Gauteng motorists would pay double the toll tariffs without an e-tag and urged them to get one.

At least 707,000 e-tags had been issued so far.

Sanral said having an e-tag meant a discount of 48 percent on toll tariffs.

According to the agency’s website toll calculator, a return trip from Lynwood in Pretoria to Soweto without an e-tag would cost R88.77. With an e-tag it would cost R45.92.

Alli said research carried out recently showed that on 201km of the highways, 84 percent of road users would pay less than R100 a month.

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters said tariffs had been cut from 66c/km to 30c/km for a light motor vehicles with an e-tag.

Peters said systems were in place to ensure the system functioned. She was confident Sanral was capable of this responsibility.

E-tolling would contribute to the fight against licence plate cloning and would reduce congestion, she said.

Alli said a debt collection process had been started and motorists would receive a bill every seven days. If they repeatedly failed to pay, a summons would be sent.

Motorists who did not register for e-tolls would get invoices and reminders.

He said people were under the impression that government vehicles were exempt from e-tolling.

“Government-owned vehicles are not exempted,” he said.

– Sapa

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