WATCH: Pedestrians mowed down by out-of-control truck

A screengrab of the CCTV footage that shows the truck accident in Comaro Road, Bassonia in the south of Johannesburg.

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged of a truck ploughing into a group of pedestrians, killing two and injuring three others, in the south of Johannesburg on Monday.

The incident took place on Comaro Road in Bassonia. CCTV cameras operated by D&D Tactical Security Services captured the horrifying moments.

In the video, the crane the truck is carrying appears to strike the flyover, causing the truck driver to lose control. The truck mounts the pavement and ploughs into a group of municipal workers near the N12 offramp.

Paramedics and firefighters responded to the accident at around 9am, according to ER24 spokesman Christo Venter.

They found two women were already dead. Three other people, two women and a man, sustained mild to serious injuries and were transported to the Mulbarton Hospital for further treatment.

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar told the driver faces two charges of culpable homicide as well as reckless and negligent driving.

Michelle Neilson, Marketing Executive of Imperial Logistics which owns the truck and employs the driver, said the matter is under internal investigation.

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