Denise Williams
1 minute read
17 Nov 2015
1:23 pm

Parliament, Nehawu resume talks to end protest

Denise Williams

Nehawu and the management of parliament have resumed talks to bring ongoing strike action to a close.

The union’s parliamentary branch secretary Thabang Malusi said ahead of the noon meeting that he was hopeful that management, under the leadership of Secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana, would accede to worker’s bonus payment demands.

The parliament branch of the union has said it was not prepared to meet with management again but a directive from the national office was given for them to return to the negotiating table.

“The national leadership of Nehawu has intervened and they have given a directive to the branch that the branch will continue will the discussion.

“There is an understanding that has been reached between the national leadership and the presiding officers on how we should resolve these issues… We hope to make tremendous progress but that will depend of course on management,” Malusi said.

Malusi said if the meeting did not pan out the way the union hoped then the strike, which has now entered its seventh day, would continue.

He said the workers were getting tired of protest action.

“It’s something that we enjoy [unlike other protests] but our cause and our call was very genuine; we want to go back and work… but if Mr Mgidlana doesn’t change [his mind] then unfortunately we are coming back indefinitely,” said Malusi.

President Jacob Zuma is due to answer questions in the National Assembly on Thursday.