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Spur responds to groundless rumours

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The family restaurant has distanced itself from unfounded stories of child abductions on its premises.

A persisting urban legend about children being abducted from Spur playing areas has the restaurant chain at its wits end, Rekord East reported.

Chief operating officer Mark Farrelly said these stories were untrue, groundless and mischievous.

“We have heard this rumour before. But just as it surfaced years ago without grounds, it remains groundless.”

Reports about several apparent abduction attempts in and around Pretoria the past few weeks appear to have sparked a repeat of the rumour about the so-called Spur abductions.

Some users of social media have gone as far as suggesting that waiters at the Spur are actually being paid to distract patrons while their children are being abducted.

However, Farelly said Spur prided itself on being a thriving service provider with competent managers at all its branches. Play areas had been uniquely placed in spots where parent were able to keep an eye on their children.

The existence of paedophiles was a fact, but Farrelly said they could be found anywhere. The association with Spur was unfortunate, and based on unfounded rumours.

Farrelly said no child organisation had approached Spur, suggesting that it had been involved in any child kidnapping incident.

The recent string of apparent abduction attempts involving children in Pretoria, has prompted Rekord and other community role players to launched a #KeepPTAKidssafe campaign.

-Caxton News Service

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