Nehawu threatens to intensify strike

Nehawu threatens to intensify strike

“If they don’t present anything sensible then there will be no need for us to deal with meetings.”

Trade Union Nehawu has vowed that it will intensify its strike action at parliament unless its demands are acceded to at a 3pm meeting.

Addressing workers in the Old Assembly Chamber after a morning meeting with management, Nehawu chairperson in parliament Sthembiso Tembe said there had been no progress.

Tembe said parliament’s delegation led by Secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana had refused to move on its position relating to bonus performance payments.

“We will go there at 3pm… If they don’t present anything sensible then there will be no need for us to deal with meetings. It will intensify and no-one is supposed to enjoy peace in parliament.”

Speaking afterwards Tembe said: “No one will be allowed to work in parliament as long as workers of parliament are prevented to work because they are not given what they deserve in terms of the agreement that we signed,” he said.

Workers are asking management of parliament to make good on a signed agreement that payment of a performance bonus should be on an employee’s total salary package instead of the pensionable value which is how the formula currently works.

The agreement, dated 13 March was to be applicable in the current financial year 2014/15.

Tembe said if not successful, in addition to intensifying protest action, the union would also boycott any engagements with management.

“The politicians must intervene because it seems as if we are not going anywhere with our engagement with the secretary to parliament,” he said.

As for the interdict against disrupting the work of parliament, Tembe said: “We don’t respect interdicts. It’s illegal; it’s not issued in good faith.  You cannot violate the rights of the workers [and] when they protest you resort to interdicts. Why don’t you comply with what you signed for?”

Both Nehawu and the Secretary to Parliament have scheduled to hold media briefings later today.

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