Exams halt as UWC shuts down

Exams halt as UWC shuts down

University of Western Cape has shut down.

Students at the University of Western Cape (UWC) in Belville, Cape Town, have disrupted exams on Wednesday as they continue their protests against high tuition fees, allegedly attacking student who are not protesting.

Riot police have been on campus trying to control the situation, and a water cannon has reportedly been called to the scene.

Property has been set alight in different locations on campus, and the disorder has forced the day’s scheduled exams to be cancelled. Several students have reportedly been arrested in the protests.

The protests have apparently been sparked by students’ dissatisfaction with the university’s response to their demands that fees be reduced.

Last week Monday, students from UWC protested against action taken by the institution, this time for its implementation of private security guards and a ban on “all student gatherings”.

Tension at the university had grown over the weekend after the Western Cape High Court granted an interdict against 11 students and “all who associated themselves” with that group from holding unauthorised protests at the campus or damaging property.


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