Nando’s have Zuma’s wings covered

Nando’s have Zuma’s wings covered

The chain has confirmed that the advert doing the rounds about President Jacob Zuma is legit.

Nando’s has confirmed that an advert featuring the tagline “JZ, we have wings you don’t have to explain” is indeed one of theirs.

In the past, people have used the chain’s branding to make memes with provocative slogans. Nando’s is known for it’s tongue-in-cheek adverts, making them an easy target for people posting hoax images.

However, this one comes straight from the horse’s (well, the chicken’s) mouth.

The ad is referring to proposed plans for President Jacob Zuma to purchase a R4 Billion jet.

The social media world has been abuzz with memes and comments about the plans, including people using the #ZumaJet and #4billion to voice their frustrations.


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